My name is Gabriel von Gertten, and I am a graphics artist from Malmö, Sweden. I have studied Game Art at The Game Assembly, and since then have had a chance to get experience from a few different sources. I work as a graphics artist for the game company Frogsong Studios, making 3D assets for in-house and consulting projects. Previously I have been working as an Environment Artist for The Bearded Ladies for about a year, where I made props, level dressing, shaders, blueprints among other things in the Unreal engine for Mutant Year Zero and its DLC, Seed of Evil. Before joining the Bearded Ladies, I was an intern at Frictional Games, also as an Environment Artist. Earlier I worked as a CGI artist for Zenit Design in Malmö where I produced photorealistic rendered images and animations of various products.

I’m primarily a 3D artist, though I see myself at least partly as a graphics generalist. I love doing organic props, though I have much experience with hard-surface after the Mutant project. Apart from 3D modelling, I have done concept sketches, textures, GUI and icons, loading screens and promotional banners to name a few of the main things. I feel very confident in creating true-to-concept 3D assets based on concept sketches. Rigging and animation is also something I have dabbled with, though not as much.

Currently, I am looking smaller freelance work. If you would be interested in hiring me, send me a mail!

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